At Legal Wire, we absolutely understand that the process of hiring an attorney can be quite intimidating. For that reason we have taken a rather unique approach with our attorney network that we are certain you will not find anywhere else.

Our small network of attorneys are all either very experienced solo practitioners or members of small law firms, which allows them to meet certain criteria that not all attorneys or law firms are capable of. First, our attorneys have a great deal of experience in their particular field of the law, and confine their practice to their expertise. Second, each attorney in our network has a manageable case load that not only affords them the necessary time to devote to each of their cases, but also the time to maintain constant communication with each client. Finally, each attorney in our network is able to provide their services at an affordable, reasonable rate.

At Legal Wire, we take additional steps to ensure that each attorney in our network is maintaining the standards that we have adopted. We maintain constant contact with each attorney in our network, as well as each client that retains any attorney or law firm from our network. Because we do this, we are able to provide a piece of mind to our clientele that will not be found anywhere else, while at the same time maintaining a truly unparalleled level of customer service. We will stand by this unique promise through the entire duration of your case and long after it is finished.


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